On Safari with Caracal

On Safari with Caracal

What began as a promotional film for a travel agency in Africa developed into a documentary that explores the intricate bonds connecting man and wildlife in one of the continent’s most magical corners.

Documenting wildlife

“As a visitor, you can get very close to the wild animals,” says Ben Sumari of Caracal Tours and safaris in “On Safari with Caracal.” As he shares anecdotes and insights on cheetahs, lesser flamingos and other creatures, the viewer gets taken on a virtual safari tour through northern Tanzania, using cinematic techniques that capture animals, humans and the vast area they uneasily share.

From the seemingly endless plains of the mighty Serengeti to the lakes of Natron, the film offers intimate encounters with extraordinary wildlife and members of centuries-old tribes, including the Hadzabe Bushmen and the Maasai.

“On Safari with Caracal” was commissioned by Caracal Tours & Safaris, Tanzania. The company is owned by Bernard Fatael Sumari from Tanzania and supported by Marion Sumari-de Boer, who is from the Netherlands.

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