Jeroen’s story
Television inspired Jeroen from an early age, offering a glimpse into a somewhat prettier world than the one he inhabited. He truly believed that good TV could improve people’s lives.
Prone to explore his imagination, Jeroen’s attention would often drift away at school in favor of inventing elaborate productions.

The path toward realizing the dream of becoming a filmmaker was not without its hurdles. Jeroen found employment with several larger and established TV stations, but this means sticking to the station’s formula and forgetting about his own creative techniques and ambitions. Ultimately, he found it too limiting. Not prepared to give up on his ideas, he started his own outfit as an independent filmmaker.

Being independent, Jeroen can choose the stories he’d like the world to know. He can delve into the complexities he believes matter and, crucially, really show a story’s multiple facets. This distinguishes his work, offering context and depth. Just like he imagined at school many years ago.